About Ultimate Bedding Co.

Ultimate Bedding Company of Canada Inc.., established in 2006, is a family owned company with headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. Ultimate Bedding Co. is dedicated to providing the most innovative, highest quality protective bedding products available on the market today.  We guarantee it for the life of the product!

How Ultimate Bedding Company is helping to defeat the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

As the entire World comes together to fight against the Coronavirus disease, Ultimate Bedding Company of Canada Inc. has decided to use our resources and do our part to help. We are now providing protective medical supplies, including KN95 masks, surgical masks, gowns and other products,  to agencies and organizations in Canada, USA and around the World. Our products come with required testing documents and are guaranteed to meet your countries medical standards.

Ultimate Bedding MDEL Submission Number : UM-JP-40324 issued by Health Canada May 2020.


Ultimate Bedding Encasement Product Assurance

With Ultimate Bedding Company products you can be assured that your protective encasement will last the entire life of your mattress or box spring or your money back. Since we spend so many hours sleeping on our beds, and bed bugs are an epidemic, protecting your mattress and box spring has never been so important as it has today. With every news channel and local paper across America and across the World reporting Bed Bug infestations at national epidemic proportions, we have to ensure we are doing all we can to combat against them. Ultimate Bedding Company has made it their priority to be able to provide you with an effective, durable and most luxurious mattress encasement available in the World at a very reasonable price.

Rated #1 Best Protective Encasements in the World!


Ultimate Bedding Company has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars and many years researching new and better ways to make our encasements the Industry Leader in Health, Protection & Prevention. Our products use a patented ZIP SHEILD system that revolutionized the most important aspect of the mattress encasement, which makes it truly Bed Bug free. Many leading Doctors on Entomology have tested, approved and endorsed our encasements over any other one on the market. For allergy suffers, Ultimate Bedding encasements are completely allergy free. They completely stop all dust mites and disruptive airborne particles which can cause you to have many sleepless nights. With our Protective Pillow encasements under you head at bedtime you will never have a disrupted sleep again due to allergic molecules.

One of the best qualities of our breathable and liquid proof internal barrier is that either a bedwetting child or senior citizen with incontinence issues will never have to worry about their mattress absorbing any moisture. This is such a big relief for many parents and for adult care homes that we have been called the true saving grace for many people across North America. So now, when it comes to deciding which mattress encasement is best for you there are some simple questions you should always ask a few simple questions.

1.  Is the mattress encasement made of a stretchable type of material? 

All the competitors are using different versions of a cheap stretchable material in their products. They do this because it is cost effective to make only one queen encasement, for example, which fits many different depths. The problem with this is stretchable materials tears easily especially when it comes in contact with the wood or metal of your bed frame. When the encasement has even a tiny tear in it then a huge Bed Bug infestation could be just around the corner.

Ultimate Bedding Co. does not use stretchable material on our box spring encasements. We know that your hard earned money is being spent on our products and we refuse to see you waste it. With our non-stretchable material we can ensure your encasement will be durable and strong when it comes in contact with your bed frame thus eliminating little rips and tears which cause Bed Bug infestations. We have all different depths available to perfectly fit your mattress and box spring and if you need, we will even custom fit mattresses with the correct (W x L x D) dimensions. We are in business to protect
your bedding and not to just make a profit like most competitors out there.

2. Is the mattress encasement using a terry cloth fabric?

Terry cloth is soft to the touch but a main absorption of bacteria, dried skin flakes, body sweat odors. Many of the competitors use terry cloth because it is cheap and to try and cover the feel of their uncomfortable mattress encasements without putting any thought into what the terry cloth actually does. There are many companies that provide doggy seat covers made of terry cloth so that is can absorb the dirt and wetness from your pets as they travel in your car but as a mattress encasement cover it is not recommended at all.

Ultimate Bedding Co. encasements are all made from 100% Soft Natural Cotton which has the perfect thickness to ensure maximum durability and thin enough to repel dirt or dried skin flakes from absorbing into the material. Body sweat will be easily noticed and not hidden or absorbed like in terry cloth thus eliminated serious odors.

3. What type of zipper closure does the mattress encasement have and is it reliable?

This is the single most important question you can ask about the mattress encasements, especially when it comes to Bed Bugs. Competitors have tried but failed miserably when it comes to preventing Bed Bugs from entering or exiting protective encasements. Some of these companies have even received patents on designs that are faulty in their very nature, with breakable hooks or fabric loops to secure the zipper. One Company has even made statements that their waterproof encasement will protect your foam on your bed from degrading due to moisture but then they use foam at the most important part of the mattress encasement, the zipper closure. Doctors of Entomology that have reviewed all the mattress encasements available on the market have simply stated that Ultimate Beddings (Internationally Patented) ZIP SHEILD is the best and most reliable zipper closure in the world today. This design and concept is so amazing that other companies are trying to copy our design and patent. Don’t be fooled by imposters out there and ensure that the mattress encasement you purchase uses ZIP-SHIELD zipper closure technology.

4. What is the direct environmental impact of purchasing that mattress encasement and will their products help to save our Planet?

At Ultimate Bedding we all know just how sensitive our planet is, that is why we have created an encasement which will help to save our planet from harmful waste. We are the only encasement manufacturer in the World which is taking the approach that every one of our encasements sold has to make a direct and positive impact on our environment.